Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited

Creating an Impact

Digitizing Reinsurance Securities as Tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs)

A Nasdaq listed Company
Who we are

About Us

Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries offer tokenized Real World Assets (“RWAs”), initially in the form of Tokenized Reinsurance Securities, and reinsurance business solutions to property and casualty insurers.

Our Companies

SurancePlus is a new wholly owned Web3-focused subsidiary of Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited that issued the Cat Re (short for “Catastrophe Reinsurance”) token series.  Investors in last year’s tokenized reinsurance security, the DeltaCat Re token, are on track to receive a 42% return this year.

Oxbridge Reinsurance Limited is a Cayman Islands licensed reinsurance entity that focuses on the U.S. Gulf Coast property and casualty (P&C) market.

Oxbridge Re NS provides investors access to reinsurance contracts as a high-return alternative investment opportunity. Investors are offered attractive potential annualized returns of ~20% to 40%.

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